Böëna Inaugurates New EV Charging Stations
at both Monteverde Eco-Lodges

Böëna Costa Rica

Never behind the times when it comes to applying sustainable solutions to improve the guest experience and reduce environmental impact, Boena is once again leading the pack as one of Costa Rica’s most environmentally conscientious collection of luxury eco-lodges.

This March, Boena is proud to announce the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at their flagship Monteverde resorts: Monteverde Lodge & Gardens and Cloud Forest Lodge.

Boena’s Wallbox Station chargers, providing 240.32A and 7.6kW of continuous charging power, are equipped with Wi-Fi internet connectivity and RFID user access cards for customer-friendly access. By installing the Atila application, electric vehicle owners and renters can track their consumption data and charging times.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

The charging stations are available for lodge guests, and our El Jardín and Endémica Restaurants patrons. Allied with Ruta Electrica and Plugshare, comprehensive nationwide mapping applications tracking the availability of charging stations across Costa Rican territory—with emphasis on popular vacation destinations outside of the Greater Metropolitan Area—visitors and Costa Rican residents can plan their countrywide travels in accordance with available and favorable charging stations.

Costa Rica is renowned as a global champion for its robust renewable energy program and conservation leadership. However, it is the businesses and individuals taking action that make the country’s aspirations for a sustainable future reach fruition.

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