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Böëna Wilderness Lodges

With its first five lodges, nestled in the country’s four most beautiful environmental enclaves, arises a unique new network called Böëna. This small chain of stunning hotels includes Pacuare Lodge, on the banks of the rushing Pacuare River; Lapa Ríos Lodge, in the wilderness of the Osa Peninsula; Monteverde Lodge and Cloud Forest Lodge, in the heights of the cloud forests of Monteverde; and Tortuga Lodge, amidst the canals of Tortuguero on the northern Caribbean coast.

These four unique sites are more than luxurious spaces to relax; they are places to experience life in ways that heal body and soul, that awaken the senses and inspire new meaning. At these four dazzling lodges, you’ll marvel at the purity of the unspoiled water and the most intimate environments of the tropical forest. You’ll know that while you’re enjoying experiences at the highest level, you’re gathering magical memories.

Without a doubt, there are four of the most emblematic hotels in all of Costa Rica, certified not only for the quality of their service but for their excellence in environmental sustainability.





These four incredible lodges are also linked by an invitation to travel through the most diverse meanings of the word “ecosystem” — from tropical rainforests to cloud forests to wetlands to mountaintops. Böëna invites you not to settle for just one vision of these splendors, but to visit all four by a series of itineraries specially designed for our clients.
Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Pacuare Lodge

The origins of Böëna are intimately linked to the pure, transparent waters of the Pacuare River, which reflect in their flow some of the most beautiful forests in the world, inhabited by the thousand-year-old Cabécar culture. Pacuare Lodge is the place where this all began, and will continue to be the source of inspiration and natural magic for all the experiences related to the name Böëna.

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Lapa Rios Lodge, Costa Rica

Lapa Rios Lodge

Like a unique and beautiful flower, mimicking its wild surroundings, Lapa Rios Lodge sprouted from the heart of one of the last lowland rainforests in Central America. With 1,000 acres of protected forest, home to some of the world’s most astonishing biodiversity, this special place never fails to deliver astonishing natural experiences.

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Monteverde Lodge, Costa Rica

Monteverde Lodge

Monteverde is one of the most spectacular destinations in all the Americas, for its amazing nature reserves and its limitless adventure options. In this unique spot, guests of Monteverde Lodge experience the most breathtaking views of the forest from their own rooms — a life-changing vision that transcends luxury.

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Tortuga Lodge, Costa Rica

Tortuga Lodge

The plantation-style structures that arise from this private reserve are located in the depths of what has been properly called the Amazon of Central America. A lush network of navigable canals, populated by hundreds of exotic species, offers not only delightful viewing but a sense of liberation that will stay with you forever.

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Cloud Forest Lodge, Costa Rica

Cloud Forest Lodge

The Cloud Forest Lodge offers the perfect combination between isolating yourself in nature and staying close to all Monteverde´s facilities. We are located within the Bellbird Biological Corridor, two kilometers from the main town – literally in the middle between the Monteverde Reserve and the Santa Elena Reserve.

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