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Sustainability is the reason Böëna exists. Since it was founded, our objective has been to contribute to the conservation of the some of the most biodiverse places on the planet.
Böëna Costa Rica Sustainability


800 hectares

We’ve done this by acquiring more than 800 hectares (1,977 acres) of primary and secondary forest in fragile locations near national parks and along vital biological corridors. Conscious of the need to transform our relationship with nature, our vision goes far beyond merely protecting forests.

Sustainable Böëna



For these reasons, all our construction is performed in a sustainable manner, with lumber from small tree farms dedicated to reforestation. We generate our own clean electricity and heat our water with solar power. The vast majority of our staff are local residents, and we contribute substantially to the well-being of neighboring communities.

Böëna Sustainable


Constantly innovating

At our restaurants, organic food is the rule, not the exception, and all our operations, including the housing of guests, is carbon-neutral. We also offer environmental education to tens of thousands of school-age boys and girls.
But we know that’s not enough, and that’s why we’re constantly innovating and searching for new ways to contribute and expand our own nature reserves with the support of our guests.

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