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A love story with nature

Since its origins, Böëna has been a love story. As co-founder Roberto Fernández tells the story, it all started with the explorations of his youth, camping on the shores of the Pacuare River, right where Pacuare Lodge is today. How is it possible that so much beauty is being destroyed, little by little? How much of these magnificent forests have we lost to the expansion of agriculture? How much can we protect if those of us who love wilderness work together?

These profound questions led Robert and his wife, Luz, to seek out allies to realize a dream that was completely new in Costa Rica 30 years ago: a vision of developing sustainable tourism businesses that would make it possible to protect vast expanses of forest.

Fortunately for Roberto and Luz, that ally appeared in the person of the businessman Jack Loeb, a lover of nature and adventure sports, who not only understood what they were proposing, but thought it was a terrific idea. Inspired by their passion and without fixating on the costs, Jack joined the adventure, which since then has only grown, put down roots and borne fruit that has exceeded all the original aspirations.

Today Böëna is a network that unites five spectacular sites under the same concept. Starting with Pacuare Lodge, we added Lapa Ríos in the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde Lodge & Gardens and Cloud Forest Lodge in Monteverde, and Tortuga Lodge in Tortuguero. Five hotels, so far, with the same vision: to protect as much forest as possible, and to make sustainable tourism a successful strategy for the development of local communities.