Pacuare Lodge makes an important
contribution to the Nairi-Awari Indigenous Reserve

Böëna Costa Rica

The Nairi-Awari indigenous territory is part of the Cabécar people of Costa Rica, it is located on the slopes of the mountains of the Central Caribbean zone. This small community of approximately 120 indigenous individuals is relatively isolated from civilization and is mainly dedicated to agriculture.

Its isolated location, language barriers, and few job opportunities, among other causes, limits access to resources for this community.

Pacuare Lodge, part of Böëna Wilderness Lodges, is located about a two-hour walk from the Nairi Awari reserve, connected by rustic trails through the rainforest. One of our pillars, in addition to nature conservation and sustainability, is to seek new ways to contribute to neighboring communities and their inhabitants, always counting on the support of our guests.

This Pacuare Lodge project to help nearby communities, was born more than a decade ago and today we feel very satisfied to be able to achieve it through our Conservation Support Fee.

On this occasion, we are proud to donate a water purification system to the Nairi Awari Indigenous Reserve, helping its inhabitants to have access to quality water. Its installation was completed on September 2, 2022.

This system consists of a booth whose roof has 2 solar panels installed that feed 2 batteries (the reserve does not have electricity), a small inverter converts the energy to a 110v outlet that in turn connects the water purifier. Batteries store electricity, allowing it to work at night. Likewise, the water from these 2 tanks previously passes through 2 filters before entering the solar water purifying system, which works with an ultraviolet light lamp, which has a useful life of one year.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

It is a very efficient system, previously tested at Pacuare Lodge. It requires monthly maintenance, which is part of the commitment that we also made. This system had a cost of $5473.30, not including the investment of human resources for the construction of the infrastructure.

Three members of the Nairi-Awari community, who collaborate at Pacuare Lodge, share their feelings to us:

Siveriano Barquero, now having potable drinking water: “Very happy, it is important for the community. The community already knows, they are very happy.”

Erick Morales: “We are proud, we benefit from the installation of clean drinking water. Everyone already knows that water is purified. Amazed by the technology and incredibly grateful.”

Aidol Pérez and his family: "Our community is grateful to Böëna Lodges, thank you very much."

Bringing health and wellness to a group of families that are part of the essence of Böëna Wilderness Lodges and of those who visit us, makes us direct contributors to responsible, regenerative and sustainable tourism.