First Soccer Tournament
for Jaguar Conservation

Böëna Costa Rica

Creating alliances

At Böëna Wilderness Lodges we create alliances with professionals and scientists who contribute to the research and consolidation of conservation projects and their dissemination and involvement with the community.

Since 2009, together with the National University (Universidad Nacional), we have invested in research not only in our private reserves, but also in sensitive areas such as nearby national parks. Now we are in the process of linking with the communities, and forming local work teams.

Linking communities

During the season of low visitation in our lodges, we work on activities with nearby communities, connecting its members and making them part of these initiatives. The Jaguar Program in Lapa Ríos, through Phd Victor Montalvo G, an ICOMVIS academic, and Brayan Morera, held three workshops in the communities of Los Planos, Alto Laguna, and El Tigre in the Osa Peninsula, aimed at the Community Groups for Local Surveillance of Natural Resources (COVIRENAS). The topics developed include, among others, the fundamentals of monitoring, photo-trapping techniques and field work.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

First Soccer Tournament for Jaguar Conservation

In the Pacuare area, with the logistical support of the Phd Carolina Saénz, research director since 2009, we approached the indigenous communities of Las Brisas, Tsiobata, Dueri and Bukeri. With them, we deepened community bonding through the First Soccer Tournament for the Conservation of the Jaguar, with the help of the National University of Costa Rica and the Jaguardians Project. More than 30 indigenous people were present at the workshop and more than 60 people at the tournament, which included the participation of former first division players and national soccer teams such as Evaristo Coronado, Enrique Rivers, Andrés Núñez, Victor Cordero, Carlos Vivó and Germán Chavarría, among others.

The goal of the activity was to encourage the integration of the community in the project as protectors of the environment from their territories, teaching them how camera traps work in the rainforest, to avoid damage and theft of the equipment. It was possible to identify 4 volunteers to join the project, 2 of them located in strategic territories for monitoring and review of the equipment. We had great participation of indigenous and non-indigenous groups, something that is uncommon to achieve, through soccer and thanks to the former players who helped us with their willingness and enthusiasm in the matches played.

Böëna Costa Rica
Böëna Costa Rica

Seeking benefit for all

Research is born to document knowledge and plan methods for conservation and regeneration. Böëna Wilderness Lodges, through the Jaguar Program, actively participates through the Conservation Support Fee by providing resources and tools for our allies, as well as logistics and support. From the Conservation Support Fee, initiatives are developed that include donations of research equipment, logistics support, food for workshop and tournament participants, prizes such as a soccer uniforms for the winning team, transportation, lodging, cleaning supplies for the community where the activity takes place, soccer balls, and ensuring that in the activities, the communities are the ones who have the greatest economic benefit.